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Journal of Competitiveness Studies

Abbas J. Ali, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Managing Editor
Helen T. Bailie, Penn State University - Altoona
Robert C. Camp, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Book Review Editor
Deepak Subedi, Marshall University
Consulting Editor
Prashanth N. Bharadwaj, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Abdulrahman Al-Aali
King Saud University
Tim Baker
Washington State University
Kevin Caskey
SUNY, New Paltz
Raymond Cox
Thompson Rivers University, Canada
Kamal Fatehi
Kennesaw University
Ben Kedia
University of Memphis
Wai Kwan Lau
Marshall University
James M. Maskulka
Lehigh University
Ananda Mukherji
Texas A&M University
Robert Stone
RNS Management Group
Hussam Al-Shammari
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Roger Kashlak
Loyola University
Justin Paul
University of Puerto Rico
Ziad Swaidan
University of Houston-Victoria
Paul W. Swiercz
George Washington University
Rosalie Tung
Simon Fraser University
A.N.M. Waheeduzzaman
Texas A&M University
Nikolai Wasilewski
Pepperdine University
Varinder M. Sharma
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Hooshang Beheshti
Radford University
Edgar Soto Rodríguez
Colegio de Administración de Empresa, Puerto Rico
Marilyn Helms
Dalton State University
Donald DePalma
Common Sense Advisory, Inc.
Hussein Al-Tamimi
University of Sharjah
G. Scott Erickson
Ithaca College
R. David Ramsey
Southeastern Louisiana University
Jacques Saint-Pierre
Laval University
Chung-Shing Lee
Pacific Lutheran University
Paul A. Fadil
University of North Florida
Douglas M. McCabe
Georgetown University
Mahmoud Yasin
East Tennessee State University
Erdener Kaynak
Penn State University
Rosa Caiazza
Parthenope University of Naples, Italy
Larry Bridwell
Pace University
Attila Chikan
University of Corvinus, Hungary

The Journal of Competitiveness Studies is an interdisciplinary blind peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the American Society for Competitiveness. Copyright 2014 by ASC. Articles in JCS are indexed and abstracted in Table of Contents of Management, Risk Abstracts, Quality Control, and Applied Statistics, Judicial View, LLC, Gale Directory, EBSCO and ProQuest. All rights reserved.

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Competitiveness Studies is an interdisciplinary blind peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the competitive positioning of firms in the global marketing and on national competitiveness in a changing global business environment. In its attempt to provide a fine balance between theory and practice, the journal combines conceptual analysis and normative considerations in order to shape the discourse on competitiveness in the scholarly and policy circles.

As global economic performance and growth have witnessed a shift toward emerging economies and toward further involvement of MNCs in sunrise industries, the area of competitiveness studies offers opportunities for scholars, practitioners, and policy makers to thoughtfully reflect on challenges that business organizations and societies face to achieve sustainable growth and optimally meet the expectations of active and demanding segments of world’s population. The Journal of Competitiveness Studies seeks high quality work that explores avenues on how to compete effectively and or revive organizations and industries within and across nations to cope with rising expectations of stakeholders.

Articles in the Journal of Competitiveness Studies will deal with pressing questions of competitiveness that are of interest to scholars and practitioners. They will cover a broad range of subjects, not only organizational performance and economic growth but also sociological and historical aspects. Contributors with interdisciplinary perspectives and those who have interest in international competitiveness are encouraged to send their thoughtful contributions.

For Submission, please contact Helen Bailie at: hbailie@gmail.com

Electronic submission should be sent to: American Society for Competitiveness Journal Office office.asc@gmail.com